FITPED AI (2021-2023)

The micro-learning and AI courses (O1-O11) are available on the platform website (O12):

  • O1 – AI support in programming languages
  • O2 – Ethical and social aspects of AI
  • O3 – AI introduction
  • O4 – Data Preprocessing Techniques
  • O5 – Knowledge Discovery
  • O6 – Machine Learning
  • O7 – Deep Learning
  • O8 – Natural Language Processing
  • O9 – Leaning Analytics
  • O10 – AI in cyber security
  • O11 – Recommender systems

Vocational Education (O13) in AI will be prepared as a final result of project

FITPED (2018-2021)

The micro-learning platform Priscilla (O1) and the micro-learning courses (O2-O15) are available on the platform website.

Simultaneously, the content of the micro-learning courses has been modified and adjusted to the form suitable for the readers, who want to read or print longer texts. This approach allows combining the micro-learning interactive approach with the more conservative one based on textbooks.