Mendel University in Brno

Within Mendel University in Brno, the Faculty of Business and Economics has accredited 4 study programs in the field of Informatics: Systems Engineering and Engineering Informatics and Engineering Informatics, IS / ICT Administration and Open Informatics. All programs are provided by the Institute of Informatics, a specialized workplace for teaching and research in informatics and computer science. The department also provides computer science teaching for non-informatics programs at the parent faculty and other faculties of Mendel University.

The Faculty of Business and Economics (PEF) of Mendel University in Brno was founded in 1959 and is the oldest business school in Moravia. It has accreditation for all levels of study: bachelor’s, master’s and Ph.D.

Informatics study programs are aimed at preparing professionals for employment in companies focused on the design, purchase and sale of economic applications of information systems, both in the technical and software field, or in IT departments responsible for the operation and development of IS / IT. Specializations are also focused on the areas of applied informatics, process automation, technical and software solutions of information and communication technologies and automation and control technology.

Radim Farana

Radim Farana is a Professor, Faculty of Business and Economy, Mendel University in Brno, Prof. (Techn. Univ. Ostrava) 2007; Assoc. Prof. (Techn. Univ. Ostrava) 2001; PhD (Techn. Univ. Ostrava) 1992; Ing. (Techn. Univ. Ostrava) 1987 Specialized in: control, information and expert systems, databases, quality management systems and total quality management systems application. Author and co-author of 2 monograph, 3 books, 29 university textbooks, 58 articles in journals, more than 220 conference papers and 81 research reports. Membership of Sci. Boards: Fac. PEF MENDELU; Univ. MENDELU; Fac Mechatr. Mech. Engng., Tech. Univ. Kielce, Poland; Univ. Defence Brno; Fac Apl. Inf. UTB Zlin. Boards for PhD. Degree (member): Fac. Mech. Engng. VSB-TUO, Fac. Econ. VSB-TUO, Fac. Appl. Inf. T. Bata Univ. Zlín, Fac. PEF. MENDELU. Society aff.: Czech Assoc. Sci. Tech. Society (CSVTS), Czech Tech. Assoc. (CMT), Engineering Academy of Czech Republic (EACR) Business address: MENDELU, PEF, Zemědělská 1, 613 00 Brno, Czech Republic

Pavel Turčínek

Pavel Turcinek graduated his Ph.D. study at Mendel University in Brno at study programme System engineering and informatics in 2015. He works at the same university as an Assistant Professor at the Department of Informatics. He mostly focuses on database systems and data processing.