Transnational meeting in Vilnius

The third transnational meeting of the FITPED-AI (Future IT Professionals Education in Artificial Intelligence) project took place at the Vilnius University, Lithuania, on 25-26 May 2023.

The participants presented the content of the created courses, evaluated their strengths and weaknesses and interpreted the feedback from the pilot implementations of some modules used in learning. At the same time, they informed their colleagues about other plans and new challenges they encountered during the creation of tasks focused on AI.

When evaluating the content and structure of individual courses, the partnership decided to address the problem of the missing bridge between the mathematical foundations needed to master AI and the knowledge of the public. This knowledge is often very limited, which is why the partnership decided to reach out to the part of the public that is not specialized in technology and thus maximize the impact of the project.

A special course that does not require mathematical or IT experience will be aimed at this part of users and will present the functions and activities of artificial intelligence through games, simulations and interactive projects.