Teacher.sk, Slovakia

The company Teacher.sk, s.r.o. was established in 2009. Development and application of modern educational approaches to computer science education have a prominent position in the company’s activities. It is involved in developing new digital skills for creating interactive educational resources, educational software applications, e-learning courses and implementation of learning analytics. Teacher.sk offers innovative projects for secondary and higher institutions education. It provides support for e-learning education for secondary schools and the portal studuj.it focused on developing IT skills for students of secondary schools who would like to take a professional IT career. The professional staff, which varies between 4-8, is specialized in mobile and web applications, development of e-learning solutions, popularisation of computer science, and publication of educational resources focused on informatics, e-learning, programming languages and data science. The company cooperates with Slovak universities: Constantine the Philosopher University in Nitra, Comenius University in Bratislava and participates in project solutions (The Modern Informatics, Error Typology in Machine Translation into Slovak as an Inflectional Language), supports the activities and events organized by universities in Nitra as Students Research Conference, Scientific Trade, etc., and provides professional practice for students in software projects, which the company designs and develops. Teacher.sk produced and integrated solutions for national companies like Slovenske elektrarne, industry companies like Slovenske energeticke strojarne, etc.

Peter Švec
Peter Svec is an assistant professor at the Department of Computer Science. Master in Physics and Informatics and Ph.D. in Information Systems. Scientific interests: theory of teaching informatics subjects, computer networks, web minig, e-learning. Author of many scientific papers and scholar books devoted to e-learning. Winner in competition for the best contribution of the joint international conference Interactive Collaborative Learning 2011/Virtual University 2011. Member of organizing committee of the International conference Distance Learning in Applied Informatics. Participant in projects on usage of new competences in teaching and dealing with learning/teaching in virtual environment using e-learning courses: A-CENTRUM FNS CPU in Nitra – Center of Innovative Education; Virtual Faculty – Distance Learning, E-learning in Community Care (Leonardo da Vinci LLP Program, 2008–2009). His paper was in ScienceDirect Top 25 Hottest Articles in Procedia Computer Science.

Jozef Kapusta
Jozef Kapusta is a co-founder of the company Teacher.sk. His activities are focused on the implementation of e-learning and data mining solutions in education. He is responsible for developing and integrating Moodle extensions into virtual learning systems, machine learning, and analytical methods application to knowledge discovery from educational data. His expertise consists of web mining and machine learning, knowledge engineering (python, languages for semantic web), web and mobile application development (languages and framework for web and OS Android).