Brno Multiplier Event of Project FITPED

A multiplier meeting of the Erasmus + FITPED project took place at the Institute of Informatics on 11 February 2020. The meeting, which connected the researchers, teachers and the representatives of regional IT companies, was focused on Innovations in Programming Language Teaching.

The first lecture, “Current trends in the training of future IT professionals”, summarized the essential starting points and approaches on which the international project FITPED was based. The lecture was followed by a rich discussion of IT teachers and other participants from secondary schools and representatives of future employers. It was focused on more effective cooperation in the training of IT professionals, examples of good practices and approaches that the newly created platform Priscilla could provide.

Another lecture entitled “Priscilla – introduction of a system to support the teaching of programming” clarified the basic principles of working with the Priscilla system on programming courses in Java, C ++ and SQL. The meeting participants received access to the Priscilla system. They obtained practical experience with the platform and provided critical feedback, comments, and suggestions to improve the programming practice.