Future IT Professionals Education in Artificial Intelligence (FITPED-AI)

Artificial intelligence will be one of the fastest-growing areas in the coming years, creating many high value-added jobs. The project aims to implement an educational model to ensure the development of future AI experts’ highly specialized skills and competencies and verify its effectiveness.

The implementation of the model can demystify the concept of AI and increase the interest of the target group in a career in artificial intelligence, which is currently only a rare choice of students’ professional career in computer science study programs. Simultaneously, the development of knowledge and skills will help to deploy solutions based on artificial intelligence. Achieving the objectives will contribute to the development and improvement of higher education, which should ensure a level of digital skills of young people that will provide them with the widest possible opportunities for employment.

The project develops digital preparedness, advanced digital skills, and available capacities, using digital technologies not only as a goal (mastery of AI technology) but also as a means of ensuring effective education using state-of-the-art approaches. The project will create high-quality educational resources in a user-friendly online virtual environment to respect privacy and ethical standards.

Project Aims


AI learning units


AI projects





  1. artificial intelligence demystification
    • On the one hand, artificial intelligence is expected to solve all the world’s problems. But on the other hand, many tabloid authors present it as the greatest danger for future generations. The project activities answer questions about what AI really is, its potential, and its risks for society.
  2. knowledge and skills development to create solutions based on artificial intelligence mastery of AI technologies
    • The training courses created within the project provide all the knowledge needed to understand the principles and design their solutions based on AI. They also present specific solutions in knowledge discovery, cyber security, recommender systems, natural language processing and learning analytics.
  3. future leaders and researchers training
    • Understanding the principles and solutions implemented across AI areas conveys knowledge and supports the building of highly specialized skills needed to lead one’s own projects and further scientific research in the field of artificial intelligence domains.
  4. collaboration, competition, and gamification
    • The training of AI professionals is implemented through a learning strategy integrating the parts of active, collaborative and problem-based learning, using gamification and competition, which can make learning more interesting, more fun, more friendly, and more practical.
  5. educational content sharing
    • The created content is shared with university partners, which provide it to their students and use it for preparation in all areas of AI covered by the project courses. At the same time, universities actively communicate the content to their partner institutions and, finally, to the general public.
  6. international feedback & experience exchange
    • Interuniversity cooperation enables the coverage of several areas of AI, brings the partners’ specializations to the consortium and enables the acquisition of international feedback from the involved experts, thus increasing the employment potential of its graduates and equipping them with a high level of skills across AI areas.
  7. high-quality educational resources in a user-friendly online virtual environment
    • The project creates high-quality educational resources in a user-friendly online virtual environment that respects the privacy and ethical standards. Students can use personalized content covering comprehensively selected areas of AI, discuss, collaborate, or compete.